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Our primary objective is to help our clients navigate both the regulated and deregulated electricity markets in the United States and Canada (and natural gas in select markets) by providing insight on the entire process of providing energy at a reasonable cost given existing market conditions from initial contact through requests for proposals, contract comparisons, risk tolerance analysis, budgets and responsible implementation.

Once contracts are in place we continue to support your energy goals.





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About Us

We help you navigate the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets in the U.S. and Canada

Our step by step program allows you to maximize your savings with a minimum of your time.

Let us do the work for you with no obligation on your part.

Deregulation in Canada

Alberta & Ontario have deregulated electricity and natural gas.



Authorization forms for states and provinces



Informative and educational links to industry and government web sites.


Electricity Deregulation

14 states plus the District of Columbia have actively deregulated electricity markets.

Natural Gas Deregulation

Four states have fully implemented a competitive natural gas market where all non-residential customers are eligible for customer choice.

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